Members of the Statewide Committee for Improving MDS Assessment and Use and QIPMO have developed educational materials to assist long-term care facilities with the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) processes, such as the Minimum Data Set (MDS). Quality Indicators (QIs) derived from the MDS were developed as a way of providing feedback to facilities about their quality of care and provide one way of using the MDS data for quality monitoring and improvement. The MDS team has found that facilities that use their QI reports and on-site clinical consultations with gerontological nursing specialists from the MDS team’s Quality Improvement Program for Missouri (QIPMO) program improve the quality of care they deliver and improve resident outcomes.

To help reach the goals of the AIP program, TigerPlace (named after the University of Missouri mascot, the tiger) was designed by MU faculty working with the Americare Corporation. TigerPlace is a specially-designed, elder housing project that was initiated by the MU Sinclair School of Nursing. It is built to nursing home standards, but not the typical configuration; it has 54 private apartments with fully accessible bathrooms, kitchens, and screened porches. A major objective was to design and implement exciting research, education, and practice opportunities at TigerPlace while integrating TigerPlace into the MU campus and the Columbia community. The links with MU are important as seniors become involved in the student learning projects and take advantage of classes and cultural activities of their interest at MU. The key research in progress is the development and testing of technology to enhance aging in place that will someday be used in homes of elders throughout the country.

The MU MDS and Quality Research Team, which began work in 1993, is an interdisciplinary group committed to conducting research that will help nursing homes in Missouri deliver high quality services to its residents. The team specifically focuses on the use of the MDS data for quality improvement and monitoring resident outcomes of care. The MDS team has made extensive use of information contained in Minimum Data Set (MDS) assessment forms to improve resident care. The MDS data provides a wealth of information about each resident’s needs and outcomes of care can also be interpreted from the data.

In the area below you will find a list of recently added Aging in Place (AIP) research articles.

Much of the research conducted by our research teams has focused on a variety of topics with clinical implications for improving care for elders. Some include, Pain Management, Quality Measures and Indicators, depression, pressure ulcer prevention and management, activity, and new approaches to improve care.

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