Wendy Boren, BS, RN
Clinical Educator/Consultant, QIPMO, Sinclair School of Nursing
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Miscellaneous Information:

Wendy is our newest educator in the Southeast region of Missouri. She has worked as a registered nurse in LTC for 8 years. She has worked as ADON, Assisted Living Coordinator, MDS Coordinator, and charge nurse. She currently serves as VP on the board of directors for MC5 and as co-rep for the southeast region. Wendy also serves as an Alzheimer's Association Community Educator and has developed special activities and educational training materials for caregivers, nurses, CNAs, and administrative staff for caring for people with dementia. Her passion is speaking about Alzheimer's and implementing culture change like the Music & Memory program. Her mantra is simple: "We have one job as nurses in LTC - help people live the best life they can - laugh, smile, be human. Life doesn't change just because you need a little help."

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